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Our goal is to provide the best recovery house in Chester County.

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Phase 1 - Fire

During phase 1 at The Phoenix Recovery Project our clients will be tasked with a rigorous schedule in order to continue living here. Part of this phase requires 90 12 step meetings in 90 days, establishing a home group, and connecting with a sponsor. Residents will also be required to participate in therapy with an outside provider offering partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient. Be apart of the best Recovery House in Chester County.

Phase 2 - Ash

At Phase 2 clients should be actively working with their sponsor to complete the 12 steps, have  a job or volunteering, and becoming a model member of the household for incoming clients. We strive to make this the best recovery house in Chester County.

Phase 3 - Renewal

At this phase clients will be close or have completed their 12 steps with a sponsor, and begin planning with house supervisors an exit strategy from The Phoenix Recovery Project. After living at our recovery house in Chester County our residents will be prepared to face the real world.

"Success is a science; If you have the conditions, you get the result."

Oscar Wilde

recovery house in chester coutny

The Phases

In order for clients to be considered a phase up they must follow all rules and regulations of The Phoenix Recovery Project and receive votes of confidence from the staff, house members, and their families. With each phase comes more freedoms, rewards, and better room assignments. We believe in positive reinforcement, and want our clients to discover the gifts of recovery which we know will take humble, and persistent actions on their part. We will do whatever we can to make their wildest dreams in recovery become a reality by living at our recovery house in Chester County.

Premier Accomodations

In recovery a lot of us have found some hard truths. Specifically, that external appearances aren't always inward realities. We provide upscale accommodations for our guest in an effort to build their self esteem, and have a comfortable home-like environment that they will appreciate day after day. You will not find a better recovery house in Chester County.

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