This is where you can find the answers to most questions about our recovery house located in Pennsylvania. If you are still not sure don't hesitate to call us at 484-254-6780 or email:

How much is rent?

We require a one time intake fee of $150.00 to cover incidentals in the house like toilet paper, paper towels, hand soap, etc. From there on out residents will be required to pay a weekly rental payment of $200.00. Rent can be paid in cash, check, or credit/debit card on our website.

Where are we located?

Our recovery residence is centrally located in historic Phoenixville, PA of Chester County which is 10 minutes from the Main Line area, 30 minutes from Philadelphia, and within 2 hours driving distance of New York City, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

Am I required to go to 12 Step Meetings?

Yes it is a requirement of The Phoenix Recovery Project that our residents engage in a 12 step fellowship of their choosing.

Are Pets Allowed?

Pets are not allowed to live at our recovery house, but we do encourage visitation!

Can my family and friends visit?

Yes. Family and friends are allowed to visit you. Residents must give notice and obtain verbal approval prior to visitations as it will depend on resident's behavior and phase level. Guests are not permitted to spend the night, and no guest should be allowed in any of the rooms at any time. Residents are responsible for their guests and their actions while on the property of The Phoenix Recovery Project.

Is medication allowed?

Prescription medication is allowed as long as it is non-narcotic. Any resident trying to obtain or use prescription narcotic medication without consent from the house manager or owner will be subject to immediate expulsion. All medication must be kept in a locked box, and no sharing or selling of medication is tolerated.

Is there a curfew?

Yes. The Phoenix Recovery Project operates on a phase system. As residents progress they will earn more privileges like an increase in curfew time as well as overnight passes.

Am I allowed to stay out overnight?

Yes. This is dependent on where the resident is on the phase program, requires a minimum of 24 hours notice, and is subject to the discretion of the house manager/owners.

Is smoking permitted?

Yes residents are allowed to smoke, and vape OUTSIDE ONLY. Smoking in the house is prohibited! If you are found to be in violation of this rule you could be subject to a $50.00.

Are there any mandatory meetings?

Yes residents are required to attend and participate in a weekly house meeting while living at The Phoenix Recovery Project. Failure to attend can lead to immediate expulsion from the house. House meeting days/time is at the discretion of the house manager/owners.

Do you drug test?

Yes. Residents must complete a urinalysis sample and breathalyzer upon admission, and are subject to random drug testing at the manager/owner's discretion. Refusal is an automatic termination. If positive for any drug or alcohol usage residents will be referred out to an appropriate drug and alcohol treatment provider until the house manager/owners determine the resident may return. Failure to agree to these terms can also result in immediate expulsion.

What can I bring?

Please see the admissions tab.

Will I have to do chores?

Yes. Chores will be assigned daily by the house manager/owners. Failure to complete chores can result in a fine or immediate expulsion.

Can I have a cell phone?

Yes, residents are allowed to have their cell phones once the blackout period/orientation process has been completed.

Is there a blackout period?

Yes, residents will be under a two week blackout period where no cell phone usage, visitors, or leaving the house premises without a senior house member is allowed. Conditions may be granted for work etc. and is at the discretion of the owners/house manager.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Yes, we require residents to agree to a minimum 90 day commitment. If a resident is discharged for breaking any rules, policies, or regulations their rent will be forfeited, and is not refundable.

Can I bring my car?

Cars are allowed, but are restricted in the first 30 days for work, meetings, and grocery shopping.

Do you require outside therapy appointments?

No. Residents are subject to the aftercare established by their drug and alcohol treatment provider. We do not offer any clinical services. If recommended by a referring drug and alcohol treatment provider for partial hospitalization(PHP), intensive outpatient(IOP), Outpatient(OP), individual therapist, or psychiatrist a resident MUST attend these appointments. Failure to do so could result in expulsion from the program.

Is Food included?

No residents are required to obtain, and produce their own meals while they are a resident. The Phoenix Recovery Project will provide basic essentials and will not let a resident go hungry.

Anti-Discrimination Policy

The Phoenix Recovery Project is an "equal opportunity organization".  We will not discriminate and will take measures to ensure against discrimination in recruitment, termination, advertising, and other conditions for house membership on the bases of race, creed, color national origin, or sex.

Anti-Harassment Policy

The Phoenix Recovery Project is committed to all areas to providing  an environment that is free from harassment. Harassment based upon individual's sex, race, ethnicity, national origin, age, religion, or any other legally protected characteristics will not be tolerated. All house members, including supervisors and other management personnel, are expected and required to abide by this policy.